MMP - Breakfast meeting! WCHRA: October Monthly Member Program "Recognizing Hidden Bias"

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Bookcliff Country Club


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Invites you to the October 2020 Monthly Member Program

Recognizing Hidden Bias


Adrian Lara

Co-Active Coach ©, President Colibri Personal Development Systems, LLC DBA Compass Coaching

  • Have you ever experienced someone making an assumption about you?
  • What do you think the assumption was based on?

Was it accurate? As HR professionals and business managers, we strive to make well-informed and well-intentioned decisions for our workplaces, our communities, and ourselves. We review data, talk with stakeholders, and perform our due diligence, yet find our own and others' hidden biases impact how we interpret and apply that knowledge. Having biases is part of being human, and helpful biases let us navigate successfully in the world. Unhelpful or harmful biases get in our way, and can have significant impacts on our colleagues, employees, and workplaces. In this session, we'll look at bias - how it's helpful, how it's harmful and how it's hidden. We'll explore ways to reveal and address our own unhelpful, hidden biases. This session has been designed to touch on these SHRM professional competencies: Recognize personal bias and others' tendency toward bias, and takes measures to mitigate the influence of bias in business decisions Seek further information to clarify ambiguity Demonstrate approachability and openness Demonstrate nonjudgmental respect for other perspectives.

Adrian Lara serves as the Lead Regional Learning Coordinator for the Kempe Center, based in the Pediatric School of Medicine at CU’s Anschutz medical campus. The Kempe Center was founded in the mid-1970’s , and was one of the first institutions to focus specifically on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Working in this arena, Adrian has encountered numerous examples of systemic injustice and individual biases that impact not only children, but all vulnerable people. While overseeing a 23-county area for Kempe, Adrian is also CEO of Compass Coaching. In his various roles and throughout his practice as a trainer, counselor, coach, mentor, and consultant, Adrian has focused on facilitating conversations (and learning experiences) around several fields of expertise: behavioral analysis, race/equity/inclusion, and power/oppression

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